How Good is Good Enough??

  • Parent/teacher conferences provide opportunities for parents to look at student work. Parents can learn more about the teaching and learning in their child’s classroom by discussing classroom and homework assignments and looking at samples of the work their student has done. Assignments are a good indicator of what students are expected to achieve. The following questions help parents talk with teachers about assignments…and learn more about what the teacher expects:

    • Are assignments in this class aligned to standards?  (This will be clearer if the parent asks for an example.)


    • Do students know what it takes to meet the standard on your assignments?   How do they know this?


    • What happens if the quality of the work does not meet the standard?


    • Do you have a class syllabus? (Parents can request a copy.)


    • How can parents find out what the assignment is?  (Examples:  student planner, rubrics, homework hotline, etc.)


    • What kinds of supports are available at school to help my child?  (Examples:  access to a computer, tutoring, or other academic help).