Supporting Literacy

  • Four Important Things Parents Can Do To Support Literacy

    1. Put books in your home.
      • Set up a home library.
      • Give books as gifts.
      • Visit the library.


    1. Read to and with your child at least 20 minutes each day.
      • If you do this, your child will have read one million words and have an increased vocabulary of 1,000 words.


    1. Keep track of your child’s progress in school.
      • Ask at what grade level your child is reading (above or below)
      • Take advantage of school resources/programs available to help build your child’s literacy skills.


    1. Be a good reading role model.
      • When your child sees you reading a variety of materials for a variety of reasons, he or she will see reading as important to daily life.
      • When your child sees that you read for recreation, he or she will see reading as a fun, worthwhile activity worthy of an adult’s time and attention.