• American Rescue Plan

    All public school districts participating in the American Rescue Plan (ARP) are required to establish a plan for the usage of the ARP funds that complies with the program’s guidelines. Prior to the District’s ARP plan becoming final, it was posted and presented publicly to allow for public comments. The original draft plan is available here. After receiving public comment the final plan was developed. 

    Public Comment

    The District encourages all of its stakeholders to comment on the plan. Our stakeholders include parents, teachers, support staff, students and others.  To provide comments, please complete the form available at this link. Public comments on this plan will be considered as the District continues to develop and implement this plan.

    ARP ESSER Plans and Documents for the Letchworth Central School District as submitted and approved by NYSED

    ARP ESSER Plan Application 

    ARP ESSER Budget Narrative

    ARP ESSER FS-10 Budget