School Lunches

  • Second breakfast price -$1.75     

    Second lunch price - $2.25

  • National School Lunch Program

    Letchworth Central School District is proud to partner with Sodexo to offer quality child nutrition programs.  To support the success of our students, breakfast and lunch are offered at all levels PK - 12 in our school.  

    The SSO maintains the nutrition standards of the regular school meal programs - including strong emphasis on providing fruit and vegetables, milk, whole grains, and sensible calorie levels, while allowing schools to serve meals to all children at no charge.  The flexibility, a version of which was first implemented at the beginning of the pandemic, is part of the federal government’s plan to reopen schools safely.  Please note:  IF ala carte items become available, students must pay for those items.

    Many studies have shown that students are more productive at learning when they are free from hunger and are well-nourished.  Please allow us to help your children have a successful year by taking advantage of meals at no cost this year.

    SPECIAL NOTE:  Even with meals at no charge, families are encouraged to complete an application for Free or Reduced Meals.  Eligibility for free or reduced lunches can help provide potential new funding for our schools.  Households with children who are categorically eligible through an Other Source Categorically Eligible designation, as defined by law, may be eligible for free benefits and should contact the SFA for assistance in receiving benefits.

  • We strongly encourage families to fill out meal applications as we return to school.  Applications (for those who qualify) are good for the school year.