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  • Welcome to the Letchworth Central School District Website,

    “The little things matter to me; how we treat others, how we make people feel, how we react to challenges we face.  My Hopes and Dreams for this year will be a reality if I can help others focus on the little things.  The big things take care of themselves if the little things are in order.  I believe each student enters the building with the hope of being successful.  That doesn’t necessarily mean being the best.  What it does mean is, “Can I be better today than I was yesterday? The whole child matters and it is my job to keep our focus on that mindset.”  -Mr. Campbell

    I am in my fifth year as Superintendent.  The challenges this year with the pandemic have been unprecedented.  But, our school community has met the challenge.  The support and encouragement I receive from the BOE, students, staff and community members is fantastic.  You continue to be gracious and patient as I learn to navigate this new journey of district leadership.  Graduation is always a highlight of the year, as I watch the fruits of our labor cross the stage. It is a fun and memorable evening.

    A cheerful welcome to the new Class of 2034, entering kindergarten, the Senior Class of 2022 and all other students that will walk through the halls this year.

    Students are at the center of all we do each day.  It is our passion to give your child a supportive, enthusiastic and challenging learning environment.  When I walk the halls each day I see staff that are dedicated to developing meaningful relationships with their students.  I see students that are well-behaved and respectful of each other and their school. That tradition and culture is what makes Letchworth such a special place.  We will continue to strive to help students become caring, compassionate and valuable members of their community. We want to build students that are not fearful of failure and gracious when victorious.  I get excited just thinking of the possibilities that are ahead of us.

    As the year progresses, try and get out to as many school events as you can.  We have amazing students and staff.  You will not be disappointed whether you are watching a musical performance or a sporting event.  The effort our students put forth is consistently commendable.  

    A heartfelt thank you to all of our employees; teachers, bus drivers, custodial workers, cafeteria workers and all other support staff.  This team is dependable and professional.  We are very fortunate.

    A sincere thank you to the entire community for supporting our next Capital Improvement Project.  It will take three years to complete from start to finish.  We are so excited about the new opportunities and experiences this will offer your children. 

    Together…. We are Letchworth,

    Mr. Todd Campbell